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Science Fiction Oral History Association

The Science Fiction Oral History Association (SFOHA) is a non-profit organization that maintains an archive of audio and video recordings related to science fiction and fantasy. SFOHA was founded in 1975 at the first ConFusion. The first Board were Lloyd Biggle, Fred Pohl, Howard DeVore, and Thomas Clareson.

Our ongoing mission is to bring to life the people and events of the science fiction genre (both Fan and Pro) for future generations to enjoy and understand. SFOHA does recordings at conventions and especially appreciates opportunities to perform Guest of Honor interviews.

We send copies of the archive to our depository libraries and various transcription and journalistic research projects. Please contact us if you would like to access something in the archive.

Latest Recordings Acquired are being gathered over here. If you are interested in helping to maintain the archive catalog, please contact us at info@sfoha.org.

SFOHA Catalog Online

The 1998 version of the SFOHA Archive Catalog is online here. It is organized mainly by Series, which were often focused on the person recording, or somesuch. We are working on getting a fully searchable database set up.

We do not have permission to distribute all of these recordings, but many of them are already present at deposit collections at University Libraries in Michigan, Kansas, and New Mexico. We are currently working with librarians at those locations to confirm what their holdings are and how the public can access them.


SFOHA enthusiastically welcomes volunteers both near and far who would like to help by recording audio and/or video material for our archives. To aid you in this purpose, we are now providing a release form (44kb MS Word). SFOHA can provide the best distribution and access to our archive material if the people who appear or are heard can be persuaded to fill out this form specifying what rights they release to us. There is also a membership form on the back.

    SFOHA welcomes contributions to the archives from personal collections. Please make sure each recording donated to SFOHA is clearly labeled with the date of the recording, the location or event of the recording, and, when possible, the subject and the people present in the recording. It's also good to let us know who made the recording, using what equipment. Additional descriptive material about the recordings will be entered into our catalog if included; if the recording came form a convention, it would be handy for us if you would just include a copy of the pocket and/or program book of the convention itself. Contributions to the archives should be sent to SFOHA c/o Chad Childers, 41820 Glen Arbor St. Canton MI, MI 48188-2602.

We also invite people to start their own chapters of SFOHA. (more info.)

Call for volunteers for Worldcon

We are seeking volunteers to help record events at any future Worldcon, NASFiC, national, or major regional convention. Please join the SFOHA Talk mailing list below if you are interested in helping.


Membership in SFOHA costs $5 per year. Alternatively, an active membership is available to anyone who dontates 3 or more recordings that SFOHA does not have already to our archive. Clubs can also join SFOHA.
A membership subscription can be sent (payable to SFOHA) to:
    41820 GLEN ARBOR ST
    CANTON MI 48188-2602  
Or you can make donations or pay a membership online through paypal by clicking on the button below.

We would like to recognize Janet Asimov for her financial support and honor her late husband, the inimitable polymath.

Past Newsletters Include

A handbook called the SFOHA Interviewing Guide is also available to members by request.

SFOHA Talk List

There is a discussion list for those who are interested in Science Fiction Oral History. It is called SFOHA Talk. This is an open subscription list. To subscribe, send an email to talk-request@sfoha.org with "subscribe" in the body of the message. Standard Majordomo list requests can be sent to the talk-request@sfoha.org address (subscribe, unsubscribe, help, who, etc.).

To post messages to the list you send them to talk@sfoha.org.

We also have a Facebook Page for discussion of science fiction oral history and SFOHA.

Board of Directors

Acting President: Mike Gardiner
Treasurer: Chad Childers
Secretary: TBD
Director at Large: Joel Zakem
Director at Large: Anne Gray
Past President: Rick Jackson

The Board operates under the following Bylaws (last revised in 2004).

Upcoming Board Meetings:

Please see our Google Calendar

Contacting SFOHA

email: info@sfoha.org


    41820 GLEN ARBOR ST
    CANTON MI 48188-2602  

In Memoriam - Rest in Peace

Fred Pohl

Nancy Tucker Shaw

Larry Tucker

Jean Barnard

Big Hearted Howard

Lloyd Biggle, Jr.

please send questions or comments on the website to webmaster@sfoha.org